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Fly Fishing Seminars


Fishing clubs, corporations, outdoor shows, and other organizations may contact Jon about one- and two-day seminars, demonstrations, and speaking engagements. Organizations can customize each engagement by choosing from a list of topics they would like to see covered including: fly casting, fly tying, fly patterns and selection, fish biology and habitat, destination fishing, knots, and leader construction. Furthermore, they can select from one of Jon's beautifully presented slide shows on a variety of different topics.

To quote Charley Waterman, "Jon Cave used a simple method in becoming a worldwide authority on fly-fishing for the world's gamefish. He went to where they were, caught them with fly rods, and made notes."

Lefty Kreh has written,"Through the years, I've found there are two basic kinds of fly-fisherman/outdoor writers/teachers: those who display their knowledge and those who share it. Those who attempt to demonstrate to their students or others how accomplished they are only put people off. But those who share their knowledge enrich everyone they come in contact with. Jon is a sharer. ...Many of his trips took him to distant places, such as New Zealand, Costa Rica and British Columbia. But Jon also gives meticulous information about many species that can be caught locally."

Captain Scott Leon of San Diego's Paradigm Shift Charters comments, "Jon is undoubtedly the finest student of fly fishing I have ever encountered, and I was fortunate enough to work with most of the best. His passion and understanding of the sport of fly fishing are incredible. He is hands down the finest casting instructor I have ever worked with and a great guy to fish and travel with. If you want to learn to fly fish, he runs the oldest school in the south and one of the oldest in the country. He also hosts some very unique trips to some out of the way spots."

As a fly fisherman Jon has traveled the world fly fishing. As a professional photographer Jon also took photos, many of which are included in his seminars and presentations. Jon's understanding of vaious species, their habitat, and how to catch them on fly, combined with his innate teaching ability and love of the outdoors makes him a favorite at shows and events. His reputation as one of the foremost authorities on fly fishing is well deserved.

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